The GRACEH (Graduate Conference in European History) series was held for the first time in 2007 in Budapest, and is co-organized since 2010 by the Central European University, the European University Institute and the University of Vienna. Every year the conference is hosted by one of the three institutions.

The main objective of GRACEH is to create and articulate a network of graduate students and early career researchers in the field of European history. Covering topics that range from the early modern period to the recent past. It functions as a platform for historiographical, methodological, and theoretical discussion among peers and senior academics. Participants are encouraged to articulate research developments from their on-going thesis/dissertation projects within the framework of the conference themes.

Apart from students enrolled at our partner universities, we equally encourage and support students from other institutions to apply.


Organizing Committee

Andrew Cragg

Luis De La Peña

Elvira Ibragimova

Agnes Kende

Nikola Ludlova

Vojtěch Pojar

Ewelina Sikora


Academic Advisory Board

Prof. László Kontler (Central European University)


Previous GRACEH conferences

Budapest (2007): New Histories of Politics

Berlin (2008): Ruptures and Continuities in Modern European History

Florence (2009): Migration and Movement in European History

Budapest (2010): Biography and Identity: Dilemmas and Opportunities

Florence (2011): Transfers and demarcations

Vienna (2012): Transformation in European history. Preconditions – Processes – Perceptions

Budapest (2013): Historians in Space

Florence (2014): The State in European History: Ideas, Norms and Practices from Early Modern Times to the Present

Vienna (2015): Crisis and Solidarity in European History

Budapest (2016): Resilience, Restoration, Revival: The Endurance of Structures from Early Modern Times to the Present

Florence (2017): Beyond Established Narratives – New Approaches to European History from Early Modern Times to the Present

Vienna (2018): People and Ideas on the Move: Interaction, Interconnection and Entanglement

Photo credit: Luis De la Peña